Landmarks and Sights
The Sverdlovsk region is the mainstay of the state, the heir of the Demidov mining civilization, the birthplace of great figures and strongminded people.
Natural attractions, ancient and unusual architectural monuments are discovered
by more and more tourists every year.
The border of Europe and Asia (obelisk «Europe — Asia»)

The Urals is located on the border of two parts of the world — Europe and Asia. In the XVIII century, the founder of Ekaterinburg Tatishchev suggested that the ridge of the Ural Mountains is the border between Europe and Asia. Today, at one of the proposed places on the border between Europe and Asia, a granite pillar 30 meters high, crowned with a two-headed eagle, as it was, is installed. Each tourist must take a photo, standing with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia.
Church on Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land

Opposite the Ascension Hill was once a house of engineer Ipatiev. Here the family of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his close associates were kept for 78 days. On the night of July 16-17, 1918, they were shot in the basement of this house. A Temple Monument was built at the site of the death of the family of the last Russian emperor.
Severskaya blast furnace

A unique monument of industrial architecture of the nineteenth century: this is the only surviving blast furnace of the middle of the XIX century in Russia and Europe. The museum includes: an exposition hall located in the building of a textile factory in 1842, a building of a blast furnace shop with preserved equipment of the 19th century; an open-air exposition, the Transfiguration Chapel, made entirely of iron and an exhibition of minerals.
The Nevyansk Tower

A monument of industrial architecture that has no analogues in the history of Russian culture. On the second level, there was an office of Akin- fiy Demidov. The «auditory room» has survived to this day. If you stand in one of the corners of the room, you can hear the whisper of people in the opposite corner. In addition, the tower of Nevyansk preserved the tower clock of the XVIII century. Chimes were made by the English watchmaker Rich- ard Phelps in the 1730s.
Museum complex UMMC military and civilian equipment

One of the largest museums in the world of military and automotive technology and history, the scale of which is amazing. Currently, the Museum Complex includes two exhibition centers and an open exhibition area. The collection contains about 5.7 thousand exhibits, including more than 350 samples of military equipment and more than 250 Soviet and foreign cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles. Every visitor to the complex will find an object for admiration!

Verkhoturye is the spiritual capital of the Urals, one of the historical cities of the Sverdlovsk region, with amazing architecture. Here, by order of Peter the Great, in 1698, the construction of the Verkhotursky Kremlin began on the Trinity Stone above the Tura River. This is the only Kremlin in the Middle Urals and the smallest in Russia.