Symbols of the Region
Sverdlovsk region is famous for many symbols:
Ural Mountains, Industry, Metals and Natural Resources, Ural gold,
Gem-stones of Ural, Lizard, Malachite.
Ural Mountains
The Ural Mountains is a unique natural site of our country. «Ural» in Bashkir means «a belt». There is a legend about a giant who wore a belt with deep pockets. He hid all his wealth in them. The belt was huge. Once the giant stretched it, and the belt lay across the earth. From the cold Kara Sea in the north to the sandy shores of the southern Caspian Sea. Thus the Ural Range was formed.

The Ural Mountains, crossing Russia from north to south and have a length of more than two thousand kilometers, are the border between the two parts of the world and the two largest parts of the country. The heights of the Polar and Northern Urals are about 1 000 m. The Middle Urals, on the territory of which the Sverdlovsk Region is located, are 600–800 m on average.
Sverdlovsk region from the Demidov time of the mining-factory civilization is «the supporting edge of the state, its earner and blacksmith», the largest industrial center of the country. Today, the industry of the region is a large diversified complex, the structure of which shows a high proportion of the basic industries — ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering. In addition, the region has sufficiently developed the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the timber industry.

The region holds a leading position in the country in the production of freight cars, drilling rigs, and new generation trunk electric locomotives. In the Sverdlovsk region, there are many large companies whose brands are known around the world, such as EVRAZ Group, the largest producer of steel and metal, SUAL group, Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), Uralmashzavod, which is part of the «United Engineering Plants», «Pipe Metallurgical Company», «Uralvagonzavod», «Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant», «Machine-Building Plant named after M.I. Kalinin», «Uraltransmash», NGOs «Automatiki» and other companies.
and Natural Resources

Sverdlovsk region is one of the largest in Russia in terms of proven reserves and predicted resources of various minerals and belongs to the oldest mining regions of Russia. The natural resources of the region, its «underground storerooms», are truly unique: rich reserves of oil, gas, coal, potassium salts, gypsum. Numerous, often complex ore deposits are concentrated in the regioniron, copper, nickel, gold, silver, etc.
Ural gold
Among many domestic gold-bearing provinces, the Urals occupy a special place — the cradle of Russian gold mining. The beginning of gold mining in Russia is considered to be May 21 (June 1) 1745, when Erofei Markov, who found gold in the Urals, announced his opening in the Office of the Main Board of the factories in Ekaterinburg.

In recent years, a new type of vein-disseminated gold mineralization has been discovered that is not traditional for the Urals; the exploitation of the Vorontsov deposit has begun; as a result, gold production in the Sverdlovsk region has more than doubled over a short period. In 2018, production amounted to 6,475.6 tons.
Gemstones of Ural
Unique gemstones produced in Ural are considered one of the most precious mineral treasures of the country.

Ural is particularly famous for its gemstones — precious, semi-precious and ornamental stones (emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, imperial jade, red manganese, malachite, etc.) Depths of mountains contain over two hundreds of various minerals.
Of all the diversity of lizards only three species can be found in Ural. Anguine lizards, sand lizards and common lizards. However, it didn't stop those agile reptiles from becoming a symbol of Ural. These little creatures have a very important task. They are to guard treasures hidden in rich depths of Ural. According to folk beliefs of Ural, the Mistress of the Copper Mountain herself could turn into a lizard. Depending on her mood, she could appear in front of someone as a small lizard in a crown or an eerie creature combining features of a woman and a lizard. In the Urals lizards can be placed on various souvenir products, such as magnets or caskets.
Motorcycle «Ural»
Russian motorcycle manufactured at the Irbitsky motorcycle plant (Sverdlovsk region, Irbit). In the vast majority
of cases, it is operated with a sidechair. Motorcycle models are available with or without sidechairs. Currently successfully exported to many countries of the world.
Malachite as an ornamental stone has been known to people for a long time. Before its commercial developments started in the 18th century, the stone had been considered precious. It was Pavel Petrovich Bazhov who made malachite the Ural brand. Due to his works based on Russian folk tales and fables, malachite got to be associated with Ural craftsmen closely. The writer created a whole collection of stories under the title The Malachite Casket. Even amateurs can distinguish between the Ural malachite and stones of different origin. Its pattern resembles lace and does not have perfectly round shapes or strict parallel lines.