The Sverdlovsk Region is one of the largest theatrical centers of Russia; it holds the third place by a number of theatres in the country after Moscow and St. Petersburg.
35 professional theatres representing various forms of property offer their services to the audience. Theatres of the Sverdlovsk Region cover practically a whole range of types and genres of theatrical arts: drama, opera, ballet, modern choreography, operetta, musical, puppet theatre.
Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
Ekaterinburg, Lenina Avenue, 46a
The Opera Theatre (now the Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre) was opened in 1912 — it's one of the first theatres in Russia.
Such starts of the Russian opera art as Ivan Kozlovsky, Sergey Lemeshev and Irina Arkhipova started their art careers on that stage. Every theatre season brings new victories, accomplishments; gives birth to new projects and productions. In 1930 the Drama Theatre was founded in Ekaterinburg. Along with the works of Russian and world classics, performances by contemporary Russian and European authors are staged here.

Theater of Musical Comedy
Ekaterinburg, Lenina Avenue, 47
Since 1940s Ekaterinburg has been associated with the Theater of Musical Comedy in the theatre world, since it had been crowned with the garland of victory for several decades among Russian music theatres. Today, the Sverdlovsk musical comedy still with dignity bears the status of a Theater, which is always in sight, always in the thick of creative twists and turns and very often on the top step of the pedestal. Over the past decade, the Theater has played more than a dozen world premieres, brought to Ekaterinburg a total of twenty top 'Golden Mask' national theater awards, and raised a new generation of artists and spectators.

Chamber Theatre
Ekaterinburg, Proletarskaya St., 18
A Literary Quarter that appeared in 1980s in Ekaterinburg to unite seven museums and a Chamber Theatre, where characters created by Ural writers were played and came to life, was a unique event not for theatrical life of Ekaterinburg only, but for the whole country.
The idea of creating a chamber theater at the Ural writers' Museum arose in 1986. The theater opened on
December 1, 1998 the 275th anniversary of Ekaterinburg. The first performance — "The Stone flower" based on the tales of Pavel Bazhov — became the hallmark of the theater.

Sverdlovsk State Academic Drama Theater
Ekaterinburg, Oktyabrskaya Square, 2
Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theater has created nearly 600 performances over its more than 85-year history. Today, the Sverdlovsk Drama Theater — it has more than 30 productions for all tastes and preferences, the projects "Teatral" and "Academy of Drama", seasonal directorial laboratories, cooperation with leading troupes of Russia and abroad, various publishing works, participation in prestigious festivals and competitions and large tours.

State Academic Philharmonic
Ekaterinburg, st. Karla Liebknechta, 38-A
One of the oldest Philharmonic halls in Russia (1936). It is included in the register of objects of cultural heritage of the Sverdlovsk region. In 1998, it was recognized in Russia as the «Philharmonic of the year». It has seven branches of the concert hall in the cities of the Sverdlovsk region and a virtual concert hall. It holds more than 5,000 concerts per season.

Kolyada Theater
Ekaterinburg, Lenina Avenue, 97
Kolyada Theater is the most famous private theater in Russia, a participant of the largest theater festivals in Russia and the world. Kolyada theater performances always combine a simple story close to each viewer's heart and an important deep topic related to social issues, problems and subtleties of human relationships.
Youth Theater
Ekaterinburg, Karla Liebknechta St., 48
Ekaterinburg Youth Theater is one of the oldest and most famous professional theaters for children and youth in Russia. It was founded in 1930. Ekaterinburg Youth Theater actively and successfully participates in the international festival theater movement.
Theater performances were presented in programs of international theater festivals in Russia, Germany, France, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Pakistan, China, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, etc.

Ural State Variety Theater
Ekaterinburg, 8 Marta St., 15 the Governor of the Sverdlovsk
The Ural State Variety Theater is a theater in Ekaterinburg, founded in 1996 by order of Region Eduard Rossel. One of the perfect theaters of the Sverdlovsk region by technical equipment. The largest center of socio-political and cultural life of the region. The repertoire of the theater is represented by its own productions: concerts, performances, shows.

Ekaterinburg Puppet Theater
Ekaterinburg, Mamina-Sibiryaka St., 143
Ekaterinburg Puppet Theater — is a theater for the whole family. Its repertoire is diverse in genres and forms of performances for children and adults. Having gained authority not only among Russian puppeteers, but also widely known beyond its borders, the Ekaterinburg Puppet Theater is rightfully considered one of the best in Russia, loved by the city's spectators and guests of Ekaterinburg.