Over 120 nationalities live in Ural, and each of them made their contribution into development of culinary culture of Ural. Besides, the territorial location (a border between Europe and Asia) also had a significant influence on entwinement of cooking traditions. Tartarian, Kazakh, Bashkir, Slavic and Finno-Ugric cooking practices have mixed here to bring the Ural cuisine to a new level. The climate pattern of the region (sharply continental climate) also did its part in establishment of the Ural cuisine; it's severe conditions that enabled invention of high-caloric dishes in traditional cuisine of the Sverdlovsk Region.

In total, there are 4,220 stationary generally accessible public catering enterprises (restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens, diners) in the Sverdlovsk Region. A total number of seats in generally accessible public catering enterprises is 173,345, which is 40 seats per 1,000 people.
Restaurants with Ural, Russian
and Soviet cuisine

Restaurant of modern Russian cuisine "Barboris"
Ekaterinburg, st. Borisa Yeltsina, 3
The menu from brand chef Andrey Bov has a non-classical approach to classic national dishes. A special place in it is occupied by hot dishes and desserts according to home recipes of Naina Iosifovna Yeltsina.

Restaurant of Soviet cuisine "Dubrovin"
Ekaterinburg, st. Malysheva, 74
Soviet dishes in a modern interpretation are presented by the restaurant "Dubrovin", located in a cultural heritage site — an example of Soviet classicism, the Central hotel. Brand chef Yegor Naumov also tries to convey the atmosphere of Soviet dishes with autochthonous products.

Cafe of modern European cuisine "1991"
Ekaterinburg, st. Borisa Yeltsina, 3
"1991" - a cozy cafe at the Museum of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. It is distinguished by a modern interior, author's cuisine from brand chef Andrey Bov, desserts from Naina Iosifovna Yeltsina and constant hospitality. A panoramic view of the city allows you to relax from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Restaurant "Troekurov"
Ekaterinburg, st. Malysheva, 137
The cuisine of Troekurov restaurant is inspired by Russian traditions, modern local products and classic French ideas of high gastronomy.
Hip places

Restaurant "Le Grand Café"
Ekaterinburg, st. Rosy Luxembourg, 4
Le Grand Cafe is an elegant restaurant that offers classic and authentic French cuisine.

Restaurant "Panorama A.S.P."
Ekaterinburg, st. Malysheva, 51
Modern European and pan-Asian cuisine with a panoramic view of Ekaterinburg from the height of the 50th floor of the "Vysotsky" skyscraper.
World cuisine

Restaurant "Hmeli Suneli"
Ekaterinburg, Lenina Avenue, 69/10
Restaurant of happy Georgian cuisine "Hmeli Suneli". The best traditional dishes and drinks, the hospitable atmosphere of a traditional Georgian feast.

Restaurant "Chaikhana PLOVProject"
Ekaterinburg, st. 8 Marta, 46
Hospitable restaurant of Uzbek cuisine. Cozy interior in oriental style, authentic cuisine.

European cuisine

Restaurant "Pinzeria by Bontempi"
Ekaterinburg, st. Boris Yeltsin, 3
The restaurant of the famous Italian chef, restaurateur and best-selling author Valentino Bontempi with airy pinza, homemade pasta, popular desserts and nice wine prices.

Restaurant "Carbonara"
Ekaterinburg, Lenina Avenue, 25
Cozy family-run Italian restaurant with pizza from a wood-fired oven, homemade pasta, specialties from sunny Italy.

Meat Restaurants

Restaurant "SteakHouse"
Ekaterinburg, Lenina Avenue, 69/1
The restaurant with the telling name "Steakhouse" is located in the historical building of the Iset Hotel. An exemplary example of the constructivist era — the right steaks, a special atmosphere and an inspiring view of the evening city.

Restaurant "Korova"
Ekaterinburg, st. Borisa Yeltsina, 6
In the heart of the city is the "Korova" meat restaurant. Open kitchen with meat delicacies on its own wood-burning stove and grill.

Breakfast & Lunch

Cafe "ENGELS. Coffee and Waffles"
Ekaterinburg, st. Malysheva, 21/4
"Engels" is a cozy coffee house where the real Belgian waffles are baked with many sweet and savory fillings.
Wine-shops — cultural layer of Ural gastronomy

Wine-shop and wine bar "BAR.OLO"
Ekaterinburg, Khokhryakova St., 48
Wine-shop and bar in the very center of Ekaterinburg.

Wine bar "SEKTA organic wine bar"
Ekaterinburg, Verkh-Isetsky Boulevard, 15
SEKTA wine bar in a two-story 19th-century building with a historic dome with starry sky designs.
Pubs and Bars

Restaurant-pub "James"
Ekaterinburg, st. Mamina-Sibiryaka, 58
James is a restaurant for those who love the best seafood, grilled dishes and an excellent selection of champagne wines.

Bar-restaurant "Ogonek"
Ekaterinburg, st. Engelsa, 36
Famous chefs are preparing an author's menu in "Ogonek", and stars of the bar industry are behind the bar.

Beer restaurant "Grott Bar"
Ekaterinburg, Lenina Avenue, 49
A bar with its own brewery, a Scandinavian-style restaurant and an open grill.