Transport accessibility
The Sverdlovsk Region is an important transport hub — it's a place,
where railways, highways and air routes of All-Russia importance meet, including
the Trans-Siberian Railway. The density of railway and road networks
exceeds average indicators of the country.
The Sverdlovsk Railway ranks among Russian Top Three largest main railway lines.
The railway handles a traffic of trains from central and north-western regions of European Russia to Siberia, Kazakhstan and the Far East in a seamless way. The headquarters of the railway is in Ekaterinburg.

Koltsovo International Airport named after Akinfiy Demidov is one of the largest regional airports in Russia by passenger traffic. It is a part of the Airports of Regions Holding. It's an airport of federal importance.

The Koltsovo Airport won the Best Airport of the Year Competition several times,
in 2000 it was given a title of The Best Airport of the Year among CIS Countries. In 2019, the airport won the World Airport Awards award in the nomination "The Best Regional Airport in Russia and the CIS Countries".

Koltsovo Airport is one of the largest regional air ports in Russia in terms of passenger traffic, and is part of the «Airports of the Regions» holding. It has the status of an airport of federal importance. In 2019, 42 airlines operated flights at the airport in Ekaterinburg, and the total passenger traffic amounted to 6 million 363 thousand passengers. In 2019, 42 airlines operated flights at Ekaterinburg Airport. The geography of flights included 109 regular and charter passenger destinations.

Ural Airlines is among the top 5 largest Russian airlines (Rosavi- ation rating for January-December 2019). 9.616.908 passengers were transported for 2019 (+6.5% compared to 2018). The geography of flights has more than 200 destinations. Annually, flights are added to new cities of Russia, the CIS and foreign countries. Base airports for the airline: Moscow (Domodedovo) and Ekaterinburg (Koltsovo).